Custom(ers’) Solutions: TES Charge Router


If you are already using Centricity Business TES Application for entering charges, you may not know it, but you have the ability to centralize your charge data entry.

Two scenarios that would allow you to take advantage of the TES Charge Router are focusing data entry within a single application, and consolidating inbound charge interfaces so that they file into TES.  By then applying the developed rule set(s) based on your institution’s needs, you could post those charges to the appropriate billing system.

What is the TES Charge Router?

As GE Healthcare puts it, the Charge Router is “a feature that allows you to enter charges through GE Centricity Business’ TES application or through the use of an Inbound TES charge interface and based on the Charge Router Rule bank definition can route those charges to multiple billing systems.”

Key benefits of TES include: the ability to enter all charges into one system, instead of two or more; scrubbing hospital charges in TES at the charge level, ensuring that only clean charges extract to the hospital system; and helping you meet the 72-hour rule mandating that outpatient services performed within three days of a patient’s hospital admission are billed as part of the inpatient visit, rather than separate outpatient charges.

Our Experience with TES

A GE Centricity client came to Catch Data with a request: implement the TES Charge Router on an extremely tight deadline that was roughly six weeks away.

From the very beginning, all parties – GE Healthcare, the client and our team – realized this was going be a very tight timeframe based on several factors, including the time of year, and upcoming holidays. But the timeline was unmovable due to the client’s crucial billing mandate.

With that in mind, we met with the client staff assigned to the project and mapped out a new aggressive timeline in order to meet the target date. The main components that needed to be either implemented or modified were an inbound real-time charge interface from Allscripts to GE Centricity Business, TES charge routing component and a real-time outbound charge interface to the hospital billing system (Paragon).

As a result of a lot of cooperation and hard work, we were able to meet the delivery dates for simulation and go live.

The end result, met on a very tight timeline, was more efficient data capturing, hundreds of hours saved by not having to train staff across multiple systems, and higher billing rates.  Put in another way, the client was able to bill at a higher rate, and get paid more quickly. Which is a pretty good outcome.

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