Why Choose Catch Data Systems?

Applying a Business Approach to IT Solutions

Our strength lies in our ability to approach healthcare billing IT solutions from a strategic business angle. As business analysts first and programmers second, our deep understanding of healthcare billing sets us apart from the competition.

By knowing our customers’ business better than anyone – and always keeping in mind how important billing operations are to the success of healthcare organization – we are better able to identify opportunities for greater performance and design and implement custom solutions that deliver them.

From Analysis to Execution, Recommendation to Development

We believe that recommending a solution also means being able to deliver it too. That’s why our services combine strategic analysis and creative problem solving with the technical capabilities needed to build and implement solutions.

Diagnose, brainstorm, recommend, develop, and execute. Nobody delivers full service consulting the way we do.

A Bridge Between Business and IT Departments

One of the greatest services we provide clients is serving as a bridge between the business and IT departments, helping both sides meet in the middle ground to solve business needs while at the same time adhering to important IT policies and practices.

We come from both worlds, so we’re able to use our knowledge and appreciation of both teams’ priorities, work processes and concerns to develop a strategic action plan that gets everyone on the same page.

We Know Healthcare Billing

Healthcare billing is constantly evolving. New technologies, government mandates, system mergers, and competitive labor markets can all create urgent needs for even the most well-run IT departments. Keeping abreast of these issues and responding to them with cutting-edge solutions can be tough to manage, so that is where we come in.

After working with customers to determine their needs, we use creative business solutions and IT applications to get more revenue in the door with less time and money spent chasing it. That’s what we do.

Catch Data is Hiring

Customers’ Solutions: Charge Pre-Processor

Customers’ Solutions: Charge Pre-Processor A large East Coast health care network came to Catch Data Systems with a novel challenge. The client was going to be receiving several unique feeds from current and new software vendors that contained charge data that needed to be posted into TES. Instead of purchasing several GE charge interfaces, the […]

Whitepaper: The Value of Visit Management in Your Organization

Whitepaper: The Value of Visit Management in Your Organization   In the whitepaper titled “The Value of Visit Management in Your Organization,” Catch Data Systems Senior Analyst Elizabeth Weidman details how GE Centricity’s Visit Management can be used to avoid costly workflow blockages, insurance assignment inaccuracy, data capture difficulties, and user workflow duplications, all of which […]

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